Life after Limb Loss

Posted on: July 23rd, 2015 by FloydBrace Blogger
Life after limb loss is challenging, but these tips can help you learn to enjoy life after limb loss.

Life after limb loss is challenging, but these tips can help you learn to enjoy life after limb loss.


If you or a loved one have recently lost a limb, you may now be facing many new challenges and experiences, both good and bad.  Although limb loss is a physical disability, it is a major mental and emotional adjustment as well.  Through surviving, recovering and living as an amputee, life will present you with many new obstacles and situations. Floyd Brace is here to help!

In an article once published by CNN, Dr. Roberta Cone, a psychologist specializing in dealing with limb difference and overcoming obstacles, gave some tips for situations you might encounter as an amputee:

  • Whether it is you or a loved one, it is natural to feel disheartened upon first seeing the absence of a limb or your new limb as a prosthetic. Don’t feel ashamed – it will pass.
  • If people stare at you, look back and smile. It is part of human nature to be curious, and they don’t necessarily mean anything by it. Most of the time, your limb is just something that they don’t fully understand.
  • If you do get positive feedback, say thank you! Put any positive experiences in your self-esteem bank for later when you might be having a difficult time.
  • Do not define yourself by your lost limb. If people have a negative reaction towards you, it is not personal. Again, some people are just afraid of ideas they don’t fully understand.
  • There are tremendous resources available for amputees everywhere! Educate yourself as much as possible. Other than total patient care, Floyd Brace provides its patients with a variety of resources including help for caregivers, a glossary of O & P terms, a list of the best O & P websites and so much more!

Life after limb loss is challenging.  By working to maintain a positive attitude when dealing with a variety of new situations, you can become comfortable strutting your stuff and live a happy life! Contact your Floyd Brace prosthetist today for more information and additional support.

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