Get Better Sleep: 5 Natural Home Remedies & How to Sleep with Your Prosthetic Limb in Mind

Posted on: April 27th, 2015 by FloydBrace Blogger
Sleeping with a prosthetic device can be difficult. We have some tips to help you adjust!

Sleeping with a prosthetic device can be difficult. We have some tips to help you adjust!

Sleep is a vital aspect of maintaining overall wellbeing. It allows the brain to process information, restore memory, sharpen attention, and lower stress hormones. For these reasons and more, sleep is important to look and feel your best. While it would be ideal to get 8 hours of shut eye every night, this is not the case for 40% of Americans, who get an average of 6.8 hours a night. Floyd Brace would like to offer 5 pieces of advice for how to sleep with your prosthetic limb in mind. Floyd Brace understands the importance of custom prosthetic limbs for the most comfort. We hope these tips can be adjusted into your life and send you off to dream land tonight!

5 Tips for Sleeping with a Prosthetic Limb:

  • Above knee amputees should not sleep with a pillow between their legs. This can lengthen the inner thigh muscles and shorten the outer thigh muscle, changing the way the limb lays while standing.
  • An above knee amputee should not sleep with a pillow under their limb. It may cause a hip flexion contracture and they will not be able to completely straighten their hip.
  • Before sitting up from bed in the morning, which will cause blood to rush down and the limb to swell, put the prosthetic limb on so it fits properly.
  • Avoid showing in the morning after waking up. The hot water can cause the limb to swell and affect the way the prosthetic limb fits. Try to shower before bed and prevent this from happening.
  • Do daily stretches to lengthen your legs and hips to ensure they lie comfortably when standing and lying down.

If your prosthetic device is keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep, try some of these tips from Floyd Brace! We have professionals on staff, proudly serving Floyd Brace patients with custom created prosthetics and orthotics. For any and all questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Floyd Brace today!

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