Best Foods for Diabetics

Posted on: September 10th, 2015 by FloydBrace Blogger
A healthy diet can help those with diabetes live a normal and healthy life.

A healthy diet can help those with diabetes live a normal and healthy life.

Properly managing your diabetes can help you prevent complications with diabetes, such as amputation, and can also help you live a normal life. Aside from regular visits with your doctor and regular exercise, having the proper diet as a diabetic is extremely important. But how do you know which foods to avoid and which foods you should be eating?

Floyd Brace offers top five foods that diabetics should be eating to properly manage their diabetes:


  1. Whole grain food products – including bread, rice, cereal, flour
  2. Fresh and frozen vegetables
  3. Fresh and frozen fruit
  4. Low-fat meats, such as turkey, that is baked, broiled, grilled or stewed
  5. Baked snacks


Incorporating these five types of foods in your diet as a diabetic can help you manage your weight, reduce sugar intake and reduce sodium intake. Keep in mind – your body needs carbs, sugar and sodium, so it is important not to totally exclude these nutrients from your diet. Just be sure to get these nutrients from natural sources and eat them in moderation.


While there are lots of food to incorporate in the diet of a diabetic, there are also lots of foods to avoid. Here are five foods that should be avoided by diabetics:


  1. White flour and processed grains – including bread, rice and cereal
  2. Canned and buttered vegetables
  3. Canned fruit and fruit juice drinks
  4. Fried and high-fat meats
  5. Artificially flavored snacks


When thinking about foods that may be unhealthy, ask yourself, “How far away is this product from the natural version of itself?” For example: You want to buy beans. You can by beans in a can that have been cooked and are sitting in a high-sugar, high-sodium sauce or dried beans in a bag for you to cook yourself. The beans that are dried are closest to the natural form of beans and is the healthier option. In general, you will find that the more processed a food product is, the more likely that it is an unhealthy food option.


Floyd Brace wants to help you live a long, happy and healthy life by properly managing your diabetes. If you have questions or comments, please contact us today!

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